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For nearly 20 years, TESK always strives to develop the UV glue. All products are designed and produced by TESK

and were made in Japan. TESK can produce the products according to customers’ requirements and can adopt OEM.

TESK can provide package service from transparent gel development, color match to commodity development for original brand.

Business Content in TESK
  1. Small-order production and design mode
  2. Develop new UV glue products, for customers’ requirements
  3. Improve deficiencies in the current situation
  4. Match and customize the colors.
  5. Order accepted from under 1 kg to above 1 ton.

Product Features of TESK
High QUALITY made in JAPAN

From design process to manufacturing, all process is conducted at our own factory in Japan
Mild for the body

No acid material and no bad order
Fast Curing by LED

Curable by LED within 20s
Good coloring

No Good coloring by just one applying. Easy to operate and to shape for your art

Useing special binder for color gel, Pearl pigment and glitter would’nt be precipitated
Super White Gel

it produces the ulitmate finish to French nail in only applying one time
Soak off HARD Gel

Rigid and tough. Easy to make sculptured nails and it can be used for Top gel. Removed by soak off
Pigment Processing

Pigment used for Color gel is also processed by our own factory. Any other impurities are not added.
Ingredients for Gel nails

All Products are formed by Ingredients permitted in the cosmetic regulation.
Factory cosmetic resistered

Factory fulfills cosmetic regulation in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan.
Excellent Base Gel

Good Bonding. After curing, surface dry, at the next step prevented from bleeding and shrinkage of color gel.
QUALIFIED top coat gel

Durability and Brightness, Good applying, easy to form.

Desighed and Manufactured In Japan